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Customer Reviews
hockey equipment store with best reviews

Customer service was top notch. I will be doing more business with HockeyTron in the future even if prices rise because of the excellent customer service and fast delivery. Warranty department was able to turn around a set of skates in less than a week allowing me to not miss a game. - Jeremy M.

Have been purchasing from these guys for over 3 years now and every time it's a great transaction with no problems. I highly recommend them. - Garreth C.

Great equipment. Great prices. - Steve G.

Everything came in fast and fit good. We should be all set for my son's inline league. - Gary D.

The customer service was very exceptional, I had a problem with a coupon code, a simple call was all it took and it was fixed and they followed up multiple times, to insure I was satisfied! Thanks, - John M.

Just at a glance, it's obvious that you can't beat Tron prices. But, what you will come to know if you give them a chance is that the product and service is also top notch. Start to finish, I couldn't be more pleased - Jeremiah R.

Great service and prices. Best hockey site I have dealt with. - Adam G.

We purchased two sets of custom team jerseys and were very satisfied with the final product and shipping speed. I communicated with the "team order" staff and Customer Service team a couple of times and was pleased with their helpfulness and quick response time. I would definitely consider using HockeyTron again! - Denee N.


Good customer service experience - my item was out of stock, and c.s. called me at home to apologize and offer an alternative, which turned out fine. - Jeffrey J.

Amazed at the speed of delivery & the quality of the items. Price was awesome! Now if only my team would actually DO something... - Robert B.

Bought jerseys here for our broomball team. Great prices and quick delivery. Look great and got here before our game. Great experience overall. - Matthew H.

Great site & great prices. The Tron sticks are an outstanding value and I couldn't be happier with their performance. - Ronald M.

Keep on fighting the fight for cheaper prices - Juan G.

Always have a great experience when I buy from HockeyTron. Their composite blades are the best I've used. - Troy K.

Very good low sale prices, took a little long to ship but then again i am from New Jersey and the store is in California. Love this website, their roller wheels are good quality too. - Karen I.

Great product even better prices on jerseys, socks and face shields. This is the best place for you or your team. I tried all the big web sites and this one has the best customer service! Thanks Chris! - James S.

It was nice that a representative called me to tell me the status of the order and it's cause for delay. Shipping was very fast even with a "delay" caused by a back order.  - Dave V.

This was my first time ordering from Hockey Tron. I've already placed another order. Can't beat the prices and the free shipping for orders over $99 is very fast. My last order was placed on a Fri afternoon and it arrived Tues morning! Awesome - Michael H.

My order arrived in 4 business days - normally when I order from other online hockey retailers, I get a shipping confirmation in 4-5 days and my order arrives in 8 - 12 days from order date. - Charles S.

Good deal. Responsive with respect to order confirmation, shipping info, etc., recommended. - Chris W.

Great customer service - Jorge Y.

Hockey Tron helped me get the gear i need at a great price, they gave me great assistance with all my hockey needs. I will definitely be buying from Hockey Tron again. - Samuel G.

Quality and price of the HockeyTron branded equipment cannot be new favorite place to buy my hockey equipment. Staff is very friendly and don't have "Giant" egos. - Robert C.

Excellent prices, free shipping on most purchases. What's not to like? I've ordered from them several times. - Kirk R.

The BEST customer service! No hassle return when the item I purchased ended up being the wrong size. When I called they gave me several options of how to make things right. is now my number one online hockey equipment source! - David A.

Product was very well priced and arrived in very little time! Items arrived in perfect quality. Planning to order more very soon! - Josh P.

The price was too good to be true. The speed of delivery was excellent. Great deal all around - Bob E.

Unbelievable price and super fast shipping. One of the best online retailers that I have used. If you need hockey gear don't make a purchase until you've checked out - Lino R.

Once again, getting my son some goalie equipment was an outstanding experience at HockeyTron! The equipment purchased this time was a mask, a neck protector and some minor accessories like a new water bottle - all are excellent quality at low prices. The website is easy to use, the gear arrived in a day - awesome service as usual. I have bought everything needed to equip an eight year old goalie, and thanks to HockeyTron I was able to afford being my son's hero as well as his sponsor! Thank you again, HockeyTron!!!!! - John M.

These guys are top notch. Customer service was fast and spot on with the questions I had. They returned my call quickly and the order shipped fast. You couldn't beat their prices. WILL have my business again! I recommended it to many of the guys in my leagues! - Keith H.

Nice pads, and cheap too. - Yyvone O.

Very happy with this company. Will order again once I save up for more hockey gear. - David Q.

Awesome gear and it was sent out very quickly from the time I ordered. I am very satisfied and tell all of my friends about Hockeytron! - David S.

My son has played ice hockey for 11 years, He now plays at the Junior A level. I have always tried to purchase the best sticks I could to give him every advantage. This has meant paying between $200 and $250 per stick...for as many as 10 sticks per season. I am by no means rich and struggle to keep him playing at the highest level possible with equipment to match. We have been through all of the major manufacturers and have been disgusted with the durability of their sticks. I can't begin to tell you how many I have returned within the thirty day warranty period and how many we been stuck with that broke shortly after.

I took a chance with your Tron Sr 100k stick. He took alot of ribbing from teammates because of the brand name, associated with discount hockey products etc. He loved this stick from the beginning and we are both amazed at how durable they are. With your 30% off, I can purchase two for less than what I would pay for one and they last twice as long. You are truly a company that cares about hockey players. Now if you could only do something with high end skates!!! P.S. He is trying to get some of his teammates turned on to Tron also. Thank You - John L.

I hope your TRON shin guards live up to the HockeyTron reputation so far. Thanks for bringing affordable quality back to those of us with limited resources. - Mike B.

Finally got some ice time with the TRON LE stick I recently purchased. This stick is great. Feels just as light as my brothers SE16. My Rbk 5K feels like a rod of iron when I hold the two. The 95 flex that comes on all of them concerned me at first but its great. I can feel my slapshot and wrist shots come off with much more power than my 85 flex stick. my wrist shots were a bit more wobbley then normal because the curve though. (For comparison the Rbk stick has a duchene curve). But they felt more powerful. I've played with the stick in two pick up games and a stick and puck and it feels super solid. Showing very little wear. Tiny chip on the toe from fighting along the boards most likely.

I'd highly recommend this stick to anyone of any skill level. For the price you can't beat it. AND they are introducing a better version (410 grams) for $100 soon and a cheaper version for $40. The one I got is the only one available right now at $80. I swear I don't work for hockeytron - Josh W.

Great website and great service. Hockey players around the country BUY TRON!! The product is great and the prices are phenomenal. The TRON LE at $79.99 is as good a stick as I have ever played with and I hear they are coming out with a 410 gram $99.99 stick. I can finally afford high end hockey products! Thanks HockeyTron - Larry C.

These guys are amazing. They went out of their way to take care of me and my team! - Steven K.

Tron is the real deal! Great people, great product, great service, $5 shipping and no handling fees. Their Tron product is the same as everyone else’s product but at one third the price!!! - Jim L.

I just bought a set of high end goalie pads ( Valken ) with a glove and blocker for $199!!!! They also have the Mega Tron and the Tron Agatone lines coming in. Goalies should look here first! And one more thing $5 shipping on every order! - Gary C.

Chris in team sales is the best! I got a team’s worth of jerseys at a great price. Our logo looked great on the jerseys. Go Renegades! I will wait for their $8.99 Tron socks instead of paying $23.99 for a competitor’s same sock. - Don T.

The website was awesome, as were the prices. Ordering was easy, got the order two days early, loved every part of the experience and will use HockeyTron again (and again!) without reservations! Thanks for the great service!! - John M.

So far so good. I hope this company continues it's good pricing and service. Too many places getting too big for their britches. - Robert K.

These guys are top notch. Customer service was fast and spot on with the questions I had. They returned my call quickly and the order shipped fast. You couldn't beat their prices. WILL have my business again! I recommended it to many of the guys in my leagues! - Keith H.

I bought a pair of Bauer skates from them. They baked them and then sharpened them for me. These guys made me feel very comfortable and knew what they were doing. This is my new go to store - Dan K.

Some of the fastest shipping I've had from any hockey supplier. Also, I love the flat rate $5 shipping on all ground orders. I placed my order on Wednesday and received my package on Friday via USPS. Nice! - Donald H.

HockeyTron is simply amazing! I found out about HockeyTron via Facebook. I noticed that every so often, they would post some really good deals on different equipment. Now, if you play hockey, you know the gear can be pretty pricey. At HockeyTron, they will do their best to give you the best price. Also, whatever price that is displayed online will also be honored in-store. Good to know!

Daniel (or Danny?) was helping us on our visit. He was very knowledgeable and friendly. We ended up walking out with a bunch of new gear, and at a great price for all! He mentions that if they don't have something, that they will try to find it from their local distributor, if you just call in and ask. Their store is humongous and very tidy! We definitely don't regret coming here and giving them our business. - Darine P.

Alright, I really hope that Hockey Tron is the first successful company to stay open at this building. anyone from Los Al can tell you that this building has had so many different business' that they've lost count. Anyway, here's how my experience went. a couple weeks ago i took a pair of Bauer Totalone's to Hockeygiant to get baked and converted with an inline hockey chassis. Not only did they screw up the conversion, but it didn't even hold up after one hour of skating. I heard about through a friend that lives down the street from it, and decided to give it a try. not only was chris (sorry forgot to catch his last name, but he does the skate work apparently) super helpful, but he spent most of the day on my skates and had them ready in ONE DAY!! (it took Hockey Giant a WEEK, and they screwed up). he definitely takes pride in his work, and has a ton of knowledge. When you walk in, it's like a hockey players toys-r-us. nothing but gear. they carry the usual Bauer, Reebok, Sherwood, and Easton; but they ALSO carry their own brand (called TRON obviously), Combat, D.R., and WinnWell. It's really hard to find these brands ANYWHERE in California, so i was quite pleased to find a large selection of these brands. I''m thinking that they will do most of their business online, which is cool. but this place a great local hockey shop. I'd rather send a friend here than HockeyGiant or HockeyMonkey. plus i live in long beach, so it's super close as opposed to driving all the way down to Anaheim or Santa Ana. One small thing i hope they do is increase their inline hockey wheel selection. this won't take any stars away though... easily 5 stars. - Joe V.

Let me start off by saying I'm the type of person that basically thinks Hockey Giant is basically the God of all hockey warehouses... I don't even think twice about going anywhere else when I need stuff. Hockey Monkey isn't even on the list because I never get anyone to help me when I walk in and that makes me mad. (Sad, I know, but I hate when no one asks if I need any help when I look like I obviously do.) As you can tell, I'm essentially a sucker for good customer service. And this is where Hockey Tron comes in to play. After my visit to Hockey Tron yesterday, I've definitely converted. The guys that helped me out were so nice and helpful, even though I literally tried on almost 5 different skates (but maybe they anticipated this because I'm a girl). They remembered us from earlier (came earlier in the day to buy wheels), did everything they could to get the skates I actually wanted (didn't have my size in the store, so they were ordering them from their supplier), and they were just super easy to talk to. It was even nicer that the guy would ask my budget and would warn me if I was trying on a skate that was way higher -- NEVER tried to pressure me into buying a more expensive pair of skates. I asked the guy helping us a gazillion random questions and he was super knowledgeable, which helped me out a ton. Hockey Tron is a less annoying drive compared to Hockey Giant, and they have good prices on the things that I checked out. If every person treats me as amazingly as the ones I met for the first time yesterday, Hockey Tron just got themselves a lifetime customer. They're awesome. - Marie L.

I have been going to Hockey Giant and Hockey monkey for the past 5 years or so and love both of them...but Hockey Tron is BETTER!! Better prices, better service, staff is more friendly and helpful. I will only go to HockeyTron for all my hockey needs from now on. All of their Tron gear is pretty good quality at really good rates, especially their Tron sticks for like 60 bucks. - Jeffrey K.

What an amazing place. I took my daughter here and she didn’t want to leave. Great prices. Great location. Cool building. - Stuart S.

As a coach for our local youth hockey program, I have purchased a lot of equipment online and used for the first time. Their prices were as good as or better than the competition, the shipping was the lowest by far, their customer service was excellent (I called and spoke to a rep. before placing the online order), and the package arrived in perfect condition... one day ahead of schedule! I am very pleased with my experience and will definitely fulfill my future needs through them. - Gap S.

The place is huge much bigger than Hockey Monkey or Hockey Giant. This store is literally the size of a Costco. The owner is super nice and they don’t have 16 year old kids working like Hockey Monkey. No offense.....but I would rather have real advice from someone who has played the game for a long time and can offer good customer service. Anyways, I have purchased multiple sticks here. The Vapors are only 50 bucks for op and other sticks are a lot cheaper than any other place i been to. Free skate sharpening to anyone that walks in is nice as well. Don't have to purchase anything just come in. And the people who sharpen them actually know how to do it correctly unlike some other stores in So Cal. Give this place a shot, they have a huge inventory to browse through and the prices are a lot cheaper than other stores and sites. - John F.

Once again, getting my son some goalie equipment was an outstanding experience at HockeyTron! The equipment purchased this time was a mask, a neck protector and some minor accessories like a new water bottle - all are excellent quality at low prices. The website is easy to use, the gear arrived in a day - awesome service as usual. I have bought everything needed to equip an eight year old goalie, and thanks to HockeyTron I was able to afford being my son's hero as well as his sponsor! Thank you again, HockeyTron!!!!! - John J.