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FOX 40 Classic Official/Coach Whistle Without Lanyard
  • Fox 40's first pealess whistle.
  • The harder you blow, the louder the sound!
  • Reliable, flawless consistent and penetrating sound.
  • Used by referees and coaches at all levels who need every call to be heard and depend on its reliability.
  • Be heard above the crowds and players.
  • Flawless, consistent and penetrating sound keeps the referee in control of the game.
  • Ensure every call will be heard!
  • Standard choice for personal safety and rescue professionals wordwide!
  • It will be heard above ambient noise, the roar of engines, breaking waves and thundering gale-force winds.
  • The chambers are designed to self-clear when submerged in water.
  • There are no moving parts to freeze, jam or deteriorate.

Price: $6.99