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Pucks & Balls

As with all other TRON products, you can be certain you're getting the most out of your money. The TRON inline puck has been one of the staples to the success of HockeyTron. With GREAT price breaks for purchases with higher quantities, many leagues have been buying up the pucks by the hundreds to adopt for their rink's usage. With other companies selling inline pucks for $6.99, you can get 50 TRON inline pucks for $125 when a similar order anywhere else would cost $350! With over 30,000 pucks sold thus far, and with an unrivaled deal for big orders. The TRON Speedy puck which is very similar to the old Jofa puck has also been very successful. It comes in four vibrant colors and has been compared to the IDS puck also. The Tron training balls have been selling like hotcakes due the fact that they are actually 6 ounces ( ice hockey puck weight ) unlike other training balls. An orange street ball and a street hockey puck have also been added to the accessories section.

Regulation Ice Hockey Puck - Black
Regular: $2.99
Price: $1.25
Mite Ice Hockey Puck
Price: $2.99
Weighted Ice Hockey Training Puck
Price: $3.99
Ice Hockey Training Puck (Pink)
Price: $2.99
Ice Hockey Training Puck (White)
Price: $2.99
Tron S10 Inline Hockey Pucks
Price: $3.99
Tron Speedy Inline Hockey Puck
Price: $4.99
Tron Floor Hockey Puck
Price: $4.99
IDS Inline Hockey Puck
Price: $8.99
A&R Low Bounce Street Hockey Ball
Price: $1.99 – $2.99
A&R Glow IN the Dark Street Hockey Ball
Price: $3.99
Tron True Weight Hockey Training Ball
Regular: $6.99
Price: $3.00
Smart Hockey Training Ball
Price: $10.99
Regulation Ice Hockey Puck - Black (Case of 100)
Price: $199.99
A&R 2 Mini Hockey Stick & Foam Ball Combo
Price: $12.99
A&R Wood Stick Handling Training Ball
Price: $4.99