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Neck Guards

Even with all of the different pieces of protective hockey gear that players wear, like elbow pads, shin guards, ice hockey pants and hockey gloves, there are still a few parts of the body that are left exposed because of the small gaps between each of these larger pieces of equipment. That's where protective hockey accessories come into play – neck guards and slash guards provide some added coverage and protection in vulnerable areas that would otherwise be unguarded. Neck guards are made with cut and abrasion-resistant material that is fashioned in the shape of a collar which is worn around the player's throat to protect it from nicks, cuts and sc We carry neck guards from famous brands such as Bauer, A&R and Shock Doctor.

Shock Doctor 569 Ultra Neck Guard
Price: $19.99
DR PG5N Hockey Neck Protector
Price: $12.99
A&R Hockey Neck Guard
Price: $9.99
Hespeler Hockey Neck Guard
Price: $9.99