Tron 100K Senior Composite Hockey Stick
  • SPEAR WEDGE Technology
  • The absolute latest technology for a composite stick
  • Shoots harder than any other stick to date
  • Super balance and kickpoints
  • Foam composite blade stabilizers
  • Great White graphics
  • The shaft has a new harpoon design which produced more taper
  • It uses a nano rubber resin which makes it impact resistant but yet lighter ( 415 grams )than most high end sticks.
  • The blade is a short hozel type.
  • This is a true pro stick!
  • On all 5 of our high end sticks we use ultra-lightweight woven carbon that is 20% lighter than conventional carbon.
  • Our factory uses the latest technologies to reinforce the blade stiffness and reduce the twisting or opening of the face while shooting or receiving passes.

Price: $149.99


Composite Stick Comparison Chart Compare At Weight (grams) Carbon Content
Tron 100K Senior Composite Hockey Stick
Price: $149.99
Combat Pure Senior Hockey One Piece Hockey Stick
Price: $229.99