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Tron Ice & Inline Pants

Tron Hockey equipment is the best gear for your dollar. The Tron line of ice pants come in two models for different styles of play and different styles of players. Both feature lightweight, breathable materials that offer just the right amount of protection without sacrificing mobility or being too bulky. The Elite line is easily a pro level pant and compares to a Tackla 9000. As always, you can trust any product bearing a Tron logo to be finely crafted and guaranteed under warranty, all for a price that simply can't be beat!

Tron PS300 Senior Ice Hockey Pant Shell
Price: $24.99
Tron V-Pro Senior Inline Hockey Pants
Price: $89.99
Tron-X S20 Senior Inline Hockey Pants
Price: $24.99
Tron-X Velocity LS Senior Ice Hockey Pants
Price: $79.99