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Valken V-Max2 Paintball Marker Loader (ACU)

Valken V-Max2 Paintball Loader (ACU)

  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Quick-change lid: The standard friction lid lets you quickly reload, and is transparent to let you monitor how many paintballs you have left. Easily switch to a speed-feed in seconds, no tools needed.
  • Fast battery replacement: The battery door is located on the outside of the loader, allowing for fast & easy battery replacement, without the need for disassembly.
  • One-Touch On/Off: A one-touch On/Off button and LED display make using your V-MAX2 Loader a breeze
  • Tournament ready & tool-less
  • New improved motor with higher speeds
  • 6 blade fed paddle with lifting paddle technology
  • Low profile, light weight durable shell design
  • The most reliable paintball loader
  • Capacity : 220 ball capacity
*Item is not eligible for any discounts*
Price: $89.95