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Ice Hockey Skates - Senior

Skate size and shoe size run different. This is a major contributor to players getting the wrong sized skate for their feet. For SR skates, your skate size, generally speaking, is 1.5 sizes SMALLER than your shoe size. For example, a person who wears a size 10.5 shoe would be looking for a skate around size 9. A shoe size of 8 would be looking for a size 6.5, etc. For JR skates, your skate size, again, generally speaking, is 1.0 sizes smaller. This can vary between various skate and shoe models and is strictly a general guideline. The best method to ensure a good fit would be to try these skates on at a local shop to determine the proper sizing when ordering. This saves both us and you the hassle of returning and exchanging, and the time lost during that process.

Getting the proper sized skate is essential in unlocking the full potential of a skate and your stride. If your skate is too big, your foot will move inside the boot, resulting in blisters and a noticable decrease in skating ability. Strong strides come from having a skate that is working in unison with the foot of the player. When trying on skates, you want your toes to barely graze the top of the skate, while kicking your heel back in your skate. When you finish lacing your skates, they should feel very snug and your foot should rest comfortably in the foot bed. When sizing children, go up a half size to account for growing room. A half-size bigger is widely accepted to be enough growing room without compromising the skating ability of the child. Arriving 2016! The Tronx T90, T70 and T50 Ice Skates.  The skates will utilize a revolutionary, patented new holder will allow the hockey player to skate faster and pull off tighter turns.  The T90 will be an NHL caliber skate. The retail prices will be $250, $200 and $150.

Bauer Vapor 1X Senior Ice Hockey Skates
Price: $899.99
Bauer Vapor X 100 Senior Ice Hockey Skates
Price: $549.99
Bauer Vapor X 80 Senior Ice Hockey Skates
Price: $379.99
Bauer Vapor X200 Senior Ice Hockey Skates
Price: $79.99
Bauer Vapor X300 Senior Ice Hockey Skates
Price: $99.99
Bauer Vapor X500 Senior Ice Hockey Skates
Price: $199.99
Bauer Vapor X600 Senior Ice Hockey Skates
Price: $299.99
Bauer Vapor X700 Senior Ice Hockey Skates
Price: $399.99
CCM JetSpeed 251 Senior Ice Hockey Skates
Price: $59.99
Graf Supra 635S XI Senior Ice Hockey Skates
Price: $149.99
Graf Ultra 935S Senior Ice Hockey Skates
Regular: $699.99
Price: $199.99
Skate Fenders Compact Pro Hockey Skate Protectors
Price: $68.95
Skate Fenders Full Pro Hockey Skate Protectors
Price: $82.99