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TRON Hockey Equipment is the best gear for your dollar. With TRON's ever-expanding line of equipment, apparel, accessories, and more, you can be sure you are getting all the quality gear you've come to know from various hockey companies at fractions of the cost to you. Whether it's the ice, the sport court, or the pavement of the street, HockeyTron has the goods to outfit your game!

Tron Apparel

Tron Accessories

As with all other TRON products, you can be certain you're getting the most out of your money. The TRON inline puck has been one of the staples to the success of HockeyTron. With GREAT price breaks for purchases with higher quantities, many leagues have been buying up the pucks by the hundreds to adopt for their rink's usage. With other companies selling inline pucks for $6.99, you can get 50 TRON Inline pucks for $125 when a similar order anywhere else would cost $350! With over 30,000 pucks sold thus far, and with an unrivaled deal for big orders. The TRON Speedy puck which is very similar to the old Jofa puck has also been very successful. It comes in four vibrant colors and has been compared to the IDS puck also. The Tron training balls have been selling like hotcakes due to the fact that they are actually 6 ounces (ice hockey puck weight) unlike other training balls. An orange street ball and a street hockey puck have also been added to the accessories section.

Tron Bags

Tron Hockey Equipment is the best gear for your money. Our equipment bags are very durable, well sized and easy to maneuver. Both our Locker style and Pro Travel style bags are great bargains at only $39.99! Similar bags from other companies can easily reach $55+ after a retail markup. The Locker bag has multiple compartments to fit your gear, while the Pro Travel's single compartment system offers the maximum internal space given its dimensions. We have added a great looking backpack hockey bag (Tron XR8), a big wheeled bag with a telescopic handle (Tron Elite) and a Goalie bag (Tron Goalie Locker) to our great collection!

Tron Gloves

Tron Hockey Equipment is the best gear for your budget. Both of our models of gloves are very comfortable and durable, with different fitting styles to suit the needs of any player. The 80-90's loose fit offers superior comfort while the tapered Elite glove offers unmatched feel. We have had very little warranty issues with our gloves to date and we have come out with yet another model the 20K which is available in junior sizes! The 20K is a pro level glove!

Tron Goalie Equipment

Our high end ice hockey goalie equipment have seen much success in both senior, junior and youth models. Our senior line comes in three colors. With a special and unique design created by a former force in the goalie equipment design industry, you can expect the features available on any high end model from competitors to be available on Tron's goalie equipment, and anywhere from 60% to 80% less than the other guys! The Goalie Locker bags are very well constructed and reinforced to take on the increased weight most goalies carry around!
COMING SOON - Tron Pro Comp Goalie line arriving Spring 2016!

Tron Helmets / Cages / Visors

Tron Hockey continues to be the best gear you can get for your money. With over 30,000 of our visors already sold all over the world, anybody can tell you the half-shields we retail for $20 or less are easily in same bracket of quality as visors retailing at $50-$70 from companies like Oakley and Bauer. A tinted version of the S30 shield is also available. Other visor shapes such as the S40 aviator, the S50 dominator, and the S60 visor have been spectacular! 

Tron Ice & Inline Pants

Tron Hockey equipment is the best gear for your dollar. The Tron line of ice pants come in two models for different styles of play and different styles of players. Both feature lightweight, breathable materials that offer just the right amount of protection without sacrificing mobility or being too bulky. The Elite line is easily a pro level pant and compares to a Tackla 9000. As always, you can trust any product bearing a Tron logo to be finely crafted and guaranteed under warranty, all for a price that simply can't be beat!

Tron Jerseys

Hockey jerseys and socks from Hockey Tron are distributed in more than 70 retail stores, 6 countries worldwide, and sold direct at We can offer high quality jerseys for prices nearly 30% to 50% lower than any other company. With four model levels, we have a jersey for any level of player or team. We offer both the DJ100 (1 Color) and DJ200 (3 Color) in junior and senior sizes to outfit anybody from the seasoned veteran to the newest generation of hockey greats! The DJ300 models (Priced at $24.99) that features true-to-color NHL coloring in the same Dry-Fit material as our DJ100 and DJ200 jerseys. The DJPro model is a professional weighted jersey for only $39.99 (includes spandex material, fight strap and double shoulders)! Reebok sells a similar style for nearly four times that amount! Our SK100 socks match colors perfectly with the DJ100 jerseys, and our SK200 model mirrors the NHL teams color schemes perfectly. Whether for a single player or a full team, HockeyTron jerseys and socks can get you game ready for a fraction of the cost!

Tron Protective

Tron Shafts & Blades

Tron Hockey Equipment is the best gear for your dollar. In the past 8 months alone, we have sold out three times on the various levels of shafts and replacement blades we offer. But don't be fooled by the price: Tron's incredible warranty policy always applies to our products, and we have not had any blades or shafts come back on warranty issues to date! The new 405 shaft and blade which are based off the very successful 405 stick are the lightest blade and shaft combo in the industry. We believe a pro player will love the way this combination feels.

Tron Skates

Tron Socks

Tron Sticks (Composite)

Tron Sticks (Wood)

Hockeytron has the biggest selection of wood sticks in the industry. Our ABS and wood sticks are manufactured in Canada. We stock wood and ABS blades in 4 different curve patterns. If you are a traditionalist this will be your favorite section.

Tron Tape

Tron Wheels & Bearings

Tron Hockey continues to be the best gear you can get for your money. Our outdoor wheels are built extra tough to withstand even the roughest surfaces, and our indoor wheels are great for smooth sport court surfaces. 

Tron Roller Hockey Equipment