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Tron Wheels & Bearings

TRON Hockey continues to be the best gear you can get for your money. Our outdoor wheels are built extra tough to withstand even the roughest surfaces, and our indoor wheels are great for smooth sport court surfaces. Although we have officially ended the giveaway of free Abec 9 bearings with the purchase of our higher end wheels, we also lowered the price of those wheels by a dollar per wheel. Even our entry-level Mega Hz wheel at $1.99 can outlast and outperform similar models at the $6.99 level. Our ABEC 7 bearings easily match quality with models from BSB and Mission, and at only $14.99 for a set of 16, it's the cheapest way to get those wheels moving, and fast! We've sold over 40,000 TRON wheels in only the past six months and they continue to fly off the shelves.

Tron Mega Hz Indoor Inline Hockey Wheels
Price: $1.99
Tron Mega Hz Outdoor Inline Hockey Wheels
Price: $1.99
Tron Giga Hz Indoor Inline Hockey Wheels
Price: $3.99
Tron Giga Hz Outdoor Inline Hockey Wheels
Price: $3.99
Tron Tera Hz Indoor Inline Hockey Wheels
Price: $5.99
Tron 16-Pack Inline Hockey Swiss Lite Bearings
Price: $29.99
Tron 16-Pack Inline Hockey Speed Bearings (ABEC-9)
Price: $19.99
Tron Axle Kit
Regular: $9.99
Price: $6.99
Tron Tera Hz Indoor Inline Hockey Wheels w/Bearings
Regular: $9.99
Price: $3.00